• What are Electric Days?

    Electric Days are EDF’s innovation event showcasing the Group's latest innovations in the energy sector.

    For their 3rd edition, the Electric Days were reinvented as a 100% digital event, which took place on December 1st 2020. This day was an opportunity for the public and EDF's stakeholders to discover the energy solutions of tomorrow, developed by the Group and partners, to jointly build a net zero future, on a dedicated platform.

  • What content, from the content broadcasted live on December 1st are still available?

    On December 1st, various types of content (round-tables, innovation pitches, interviews, workshops, etc.) gave our browsing guests a taste of the most recent innovations developed by the EDF group and our partners in the field of energy.

    A large part of the content is still available on the platform. You’ll find:

    • contents in replay, so that everyone can discover or rewatch the entire live programme from December 1st;

    • a digital exhibition of more than fifty innovations developed by the EDF group and our partners;

    • the list of the world-renowned speakers who took part in this 100% digital edition of Electric Days;

    • on-demand content (videos, podcasts, etc.).

  • Until when will they be available?

    All content will be available for free and continuously on the platform for a few weeks after December 1st.
  • In which languages is the content available?

    The content of the platform is available in French and English.
  • Which browser should I use to browse the platform?

    In order to ensure smooth browsing on the Electric Days platform, we invite you to use the later versions of the following browsers: Safari (version 13.0), Chrome (version 84), Firefox (version 77) and Edge (version 82).
  • How to consult a session in replay?

    All content available in replay are in the “replay” tab.
  • What is an innovation?

    An innovation is a future energy project / solution / offer developed by the EDF group and our partners, to jointly build a net zero future.
  • What is an expert?

    An innovation expert is an employee of the EDF group (or an employee of an EDF partner) presenting the innovation for which he is the project leader and/or the spokesperson.

  • I cannot view an experience, what should I do?

    To view an experience, you must use a recent browser.

    Here is the list of unsupported browsers:

    • Edge: versions lower than version 82

    • Safari: versions lower than version 13.0

    • Chrome: versions lower than version 84

    • Firefox: versions lower than version 77

  • What can I find in the “On demand” section?

    "On-demand" offers podcast and video content, showcasing the strategy and raison d’être of the EDF group, with emphasis on various innovative approaches.
  • Can I download the contents of the “On demand” section?

    The contents of the section are not downloadable, but are available continuously and for free since November 19th. Said content will be available for a time after December 1st.

  • I can’t watch a video, what should I do?

    A problem with video playback can be related to several factors. Please check your Internet connection and make sure your firewalls are not blocking your access to the platform content. If the problem persists, please try using another browser from the following list: Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge.
  • What is CSR?

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is defined by the European Commission as the process whereby enterprises integrate social, environmental, ethical and human rights concerns into their core strategy, operations and integrated performance, in close collaboration with their stakeholders (EC Communication 2011). A company that practices CSR will therefore seek to have a positive impact on society, while being economically viable.

    To learn about the EDF group's CSR commitments as part of the Electric Days, go to the dedicated "Our CSR commitments" tab, available from the home page.

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